Psychologist Dr. Dylan Colbert From DBS

Pauly Doyle

During these difficult times we have had a massive influx of misinformation online but unbeknownst to users a lot of the misinformation we fall for can be bolstered by our inherent need to belong to a particular group of individuals. Social media exacerbates these kinds of instinctual drives such as social conformity and group bias, and it further separates us from the people who see the world in a different way to us.

Most, if not all of us have fallen victim to the lure of social media at some stage so we had a chat with Dr. Dylan Colbert to give us a few tips surrounding this topic plus a few tips on creativity as Dylan himself is also Drummer as a well as an academic.

Big thanks to Dylan for taking the timeout to come have a chat with us here at B.I.M, this conversation is full of interesting bits and pieces so be sure to check it out.

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