The Story Behind Bear In Mind.

Bear in mind is an Irish wellbeing collective specifically set up to target mental health control within the creative industry in Ireland. Bear in mind is also passionate about happy festival-goers. Our aim is to promote and encourage, personal training both physical and mental, and other well-being related activities for artists and festival staff so we can continue to have a long, strong, and vibrant and healthy entertainment scene right here in Ireland for many years to come.

We also host wellbeing events and collaborate with companies and collective’s within the creative industry.

Meet The Team

Pauly is the founder and creative director of Bear in Mind who is Interested in an evidence-based, straight-talking, and realistic approach to better living.

He is a second-year psychology student in Dublin business school and has been involved in promoting wellbeing and mental health events around Dublin and other counties for a number of years.


Paul Doyle

Colin Devine is otherwise known as Graphic Deviner who is a design illustrator and calligrapher

Based in Dublin where he takes most of his inspiration from the Dublin dialect and Irish internet culture

to design digital and handwritten work.


Colin Devine

Eoin is a mixed media artist based in Galway.

His focus is on surreal, retro & psychedelic collage along with abstract painting.

He is a collaborator with Bear in Mind on design, photography & merchandising.


Eoin Brennan

Latest Artwork & Clothing

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