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Reconnection for creatives. A platform for the maintenance of healthy bodies & minds.

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Bear in mind is an Irish wellbeing collective specifically set up to target mental health control within the creative industry in Ireland. Bear in mind is also passionate about happy festival-goers. Our aim is to promote and encourage, personal training both physical and mental, and other well-being related activities for artists and festival staff so we can continue to have a strong, vibrant and healthy entertainment scene right here in Ireland for many years to come.

We also host wellbeing events and collaborate with companies and collective’s within the creative industry.

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Latest Artwork

Reflexive thought patterns become the version of reality we are accustomed to and eventually over time it becomes our identity.. if they’re not working for you and getting in the way there are ways to get ahead of your head and allow for new experiences. Sound interesting?

More will be revealed in our upcoming video

Another power peice by Dublin’s

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By The Drive-By-Poet

8 min

A break from broken communication

Not sure how honest I’m meant to be here, but when I first I saw the phrase, “Love being uncomfortable” my first thought was, “Ah Christ – a bit masochistic, no?!”
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By Drive By Poet

8 min read

Work In Progress

This last year or so has taught us a few apparent lessons, one, stop fucking around with nature; two, confirmation bias in people is strong, and three, strange and random things happen to good and bad people all the time, and contrary to popular belief, for the most part, it’s for no reason at all.
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By Pauly

5 min read

The Pitfall in being too positive.

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